Our Services

A professional advisor with decades of experience helping seniors with financial and retirement preparation, Keith Collins helps all types of individuals plan for the future financially. If he doesn’t offer the services you’re looking for, he can refer you to qualified and professional resources that offer the services you seek.

Retirement Planning

Utilizing safe retirement strategies, we at Keith Collins, Inc. work to ensure our clients have access to their hard-earned money when they need it. Formulating plans that make certain you never outlive your retirement income, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the peace of mind to enjoy their retirement and leave something behind for their families.

Estate Planning

When we speak to pre-retirees and retirees, many of them are concerned about making sure their estate is passed on in the proper way. Helping to make certain your family receives what it’s supposed to, Keith Collins, Inc. offers estate-planning help. A good estate plan offers instructions for passing your values as well as your valuables. Estate planning is not just for seniors and the wealthy; everyone should have a plan for their estate for when they pass away.